The Importance & Benefits of Branded Packaging

Why is Branded Packaging Important?

Packaging is a key part of marketing, with the benefits of branded packaging often being underestimated. What it can do for your marketing is hugely untapped as not every business uses company branded packaging – but they should. Your product line needs something memorable to distinguish it from other brands, and to make it memorable. Packaging can be a way of presenting your brand in exactly the way you want it to be presented.

Think about it – how many times have you purchased or received products that came with unique packaging that made you think ‘wow!’ and then you shared a photo of it on social media. It’s a very effective marketing tactic and you may not directly realise it, but it’s a huge part of the customer experience that makes them more likely to make repeat purchases.


The Benefits of Branded Packaging

A great example of this is the Bloom & Wild brand. When a customer receives flowers, it comes in a distinctive pink cardboard box that can fit through customers’ letterboxes (extremely handy for when the customer is not at home to receive the flowers.) You wouldn’t expect a bouquet of flowers to be delivered in a box that can fit through your letterbox, would you? But, this creative packaging is part of what makes the Bloom & Wild brand so memorable, and not only does the external packaging and box design subtly convey their brand identity and values, the internal packaging comes with care tips, arrangement instructions, vouchers, discounts off products, protective netting for the flowers and a card with a personalised message stuck to the packaging by a pink silk ribbon. It’s all part of the customer experience and is what sets Bloom & Wild apart from its competitors. And remember – premium packaging conveys higher quality products. It is this that also encourages customers to tell friends and family about your business – that they have opened a beautiful branded box or packet and are so pleasantly surprised that they share photos of it on social media. The result of this consumer packaging design is the promotion of brand awareness and loyalty to the brand, with repeated purchases.


Branded Packaging Ideas

There are many types of packaging to align with your brand identity: custom gift boxes, fabric bags, tissue paper, fabric jewellery pouches, fabric bags for life, pillow packs, magnetic closure gift boxes, biodegradable plastic carrier bags, printed cartons and garment covers – to name a few. The design options are endless too.

Branded products


Whilst there are tons of different packaging design ideas, there are crucial branding elements to consider to get your packaging just right for it to be successful. Although this is dependant on the product itself, you’ll typically need a box of some sorts. This will be the first physical point of contact between the consumer and your brand, so it’s a good idea to incorporate this element.  Wrapping your products in tissue paper heightens the brand quality and adds an extra wow factor to the customer experience. You should also consider a protective filler of some sorts to protect the product too – this could be bubble wrap, foam inserts or even air pillows. Incorporating a protective filler demonstrates to customers that you care about them and protecting their purchases. Package inserts, stickers and custom envelopes for receipts can also go a long way in elevating your packaging and brand.


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