Quality and Sampling

For printed products your designs are turned into plates or stereos.  For weaving they become ‘iprons’ (computer generated stitch patterns).  Your product is then monitored both physically and by machine on the presses and looms.  In finishing, whether we are folding, stringing, laminating, embossing or die cutting, our focus is on producing the highest quality finished product for our clients.  Our commitment is to rigorous quality assurance for your branded woven labels, swing tickets, printed boxes, carrier bags as well as for promotional items.  If, for any reason, we make a mistake, we will remake your branding urgently for you free of charge.


We are very conscious of the need to protect our environment and to that end we offer ranges of biodegradable fabric carrier bags, recycled boards, paper bags and ecological yarns on woven labels, within our own environmental policy.


Our aim is to deliver from our offices anywhere in the world within 24 hours, wherever possible.  We also offer global courier, airfreight and seafreight services and can assist in tracking any shipment for you.  We can also work with your own nominated freight carrier if you prefer.