MARCH 2015

Who knew that paper bags would cause so much excitement? But our team are very excited to be able to supply three NEW products made of paper that are bags! But bags with a difference…

Our GLUELESS BOTTOM Paper Carrier Bags are innovative. The bottom of the bag is seamless with all the glueing at the sides only. No seams at the bottom makes the bag very strong and supportive of whatever goods are placed inside. We love the shape of these and expect them to be one of the hottest packaging products of 2015. We use thinner paper in their manufacture which gives you a double whammy: a lower cost and greener to boot!

And we think you and your customers will love our PAPER BAGS which transform into GIFT WRAP.

These twisted paper handle bags have an adhesive fold-over flap at the top. Just tear off the strip (like you would with a self-seal envelope) and BINGO – your gift is instantly wrapped and sealed with minimal effort! Once again the environment wins and your customer has to do less work (whilst promoting your business at the same time!)

And if you really want to stand out from the crowd we can now produce beautiful paper bags with die-cut corners. Very shapely. Very beautiful.

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