Latest News – March 2019

Branded woven labels are taking centre stage in our LATEST NEWS.  We already offer a wide range of luxury high definition woven clothing labels with twelve fabric colours to choose from and a variety of materials and finishes.  We are now adding three different ‘looks’ to our range so that you have more choice in how to customise your product and make it stand out from the competition.


Turn your woven label into a work of art with pictures or graphics using a 4-colour process so that you can show off your would-be Monet, Picasso or Ermin urges on every garment you produce.  Or illustrate your story on a perfect canvas just millimetres in size; the definition of the picture is quite incredible.  These labels really are stunning and had us all ooh-ing and aah-ing in the office when a batch of samples arrived.

We can sample them in just 1.5 weeks with bulk arriving 3-5 weeks after order.  The MOQ is 3000 on these little gorgeous masterpieces.


Our new polished woven labels are luxurious and smooth and can display much more detail than even a high definition label, with the addition of special effects ingrained into the fabric to create a high-end designer look on your must-have items.

Sampling time is again 1.5 weeks with bulk arriving within 3-5 weeks of order and we need a minimum order of 3000.


Our new raised silicone woven labels give you a stunning effect on your branded labels.  Using a new technique, we add your design or logo using raised matt or gloss silicone onto a high definition label.   Seriously, if you want to look very special then ask us to show you these labels.

These labels sample in around 2 weeks with bulk delivery from order arriving in about 3 weeks.  A 1000 minimum order is required on these beauties.

If you want your top end luxury designer brand to stand out from the crowd then talk to us about how any of these three gorgeous woven label types would work for your brand. Make an Enquiry here.