Over the past twelve months we’ve had an increasing number of requests for British sourced and manufactured products and we are pleased to say that we have easily been able to fulfil these requests with our Leeds-based print plant and some great manufacturing partners located within the British Isles, all offering superb quality and quick delivery.

On woven labels we can offer British-made high definition labels, in addition to a wide range of all other wovens. We can also produce swing tickets, booklets, tags, printed labels, printed ribbon, stickers, rigid or folding boxes, plastic boxes, paper bags, fabric/cotton bags, lanyards, plastic bags and tissue paper from within the UK.

Delivery of bulk ranges from about 1 ½ weeks (printed labels and stickers) to about 4 weeks on more complex packaging.

Please contact us for exact quotations and lead times on any project where you are interested, stating clearly if you wish all to be “Made in Britain”

Let’s work together to promote British manufacturing as much as possible !!