Four Brand Advantages Of Personalised Woven Labels

In fashion and design, clothing labels are vital for branding. Your clothing line needs something symbolic and memorable to distinguish it from other brands, and to make it recognisable. Clothing labels are one way of doing this and they help create uniformity and parity within the brand.  


There are two different kinds of clothing labels: ‘woven labels’ and ‘printed labels’, and they each have advantages and disadvantages over the other. Produced on a loom, woven labels are woven into the fabric, whereas printed labels are printed directly onto the fabric itself. So, what are the advantages of personalised woven labels over printed labels?   Read on.

1 – More Durable:

Personalised woven labels don’t fade and thus are fantastic to cope with years of washing. Printed labels have a ‘simpler’ look and the lettering will tend to wash off and fade after multiple washes.



2 – More Professional:

Woven labels are helpful for your branding as they unite woven label designs and are a point of difference for brand identification across your whole businesses.  They give your item a more professional look. Personalised woven labels are an excellent way of representing your brand and conveying brand values. They are an attractive finishing touch for your products and ooze aesthetic appeal.



3 – Higher Quality:

Woven and care labels add a feeling of luxury and convey to customers the quality of a garment or other fabric item. Customers are assured of quality when clothes are labelled as woven labels are naturally of a higher quality than printed labels. However, as they are of a higher quality, they cost more than printed labels and take slightly longer to produce.



4 – Cost-Effective:

Despite costing more to produce than printed labels, woven labels are one of the most cost-effective ways to attract customers and get your products known in the market. When customers go shopping, your woven labels are a reassuring reminder of your quality brand and will continually attract customers.   For as long as someone owns your product, your name and brand will be visible to them, often for years, again asserting the quality of your item.   Printed labels wash off after multiple washes and so aren’t as cost effective for advertising and promotion. As the customer takes in an image of the woven label bearing your brand name every time they use your product, they are subconsciously learning brand awareness, something that will help magnify any advertising or promotional activity you engage in.


So, there you have it……  The benefits of personalised woven labels over printed labels are that they are more durable, professional, more cost-effective and of a higher quality.  Woven labels bolster your brand awareness and promotional efforts at little cost to you and are the perfect finishing touch for your products. Take your makes to the next level with personalised woven labels, your pilot to a more professional look.